Girls Basketball 2003

State Final Four in 2003

This is the only girls basketball team in New Albany history to make it to the state final four in 2003. Best public school team in the state, the other three final teams were private schools who recruited D1 athletes. Mr. & Mrs. Keesee hosted a pizza party for the entire community to celebrate NA girls Regional Final win over Bexley. I could tell you every girl in this photo. A wonderful memory. This team is being inducted into the New Albany Athletic Hall of Fame this fall, twenty years later.


By: Lauren Creasap Davie

Front right, I started from back to front sitting: Megan Cromp, Whitney renne, Erin dunsmore, Stacey shockey, Kristen Cathell. Left standing: Rachel white, Whitney Burris, Diana Pickett, Morgan Hoover, Rhea Davidson, Keesee’s, Lauren creasap (me), Rex reeder (coach). Sitting right side of table: Dana Doran-myers, Kelli Hughes, Kelsey Burris and Jessica Cromp.