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New Albany Stories is the perfect place to start your journey as a writer. If you recall playing ball at the old little-leauge diamond south of the high-school where the dugouts were really dug down into the ground, and where the little concession stand sold three cent pixie sticks with swirled paper wrappers. Or if you recall the first time you drove the new 161 bypass and how quickly you went from New Albany to Columbus, you have stories to tell. What about a favorite friend, teacher, pastor, or quirky but beloved neighbor. How about a funny pet story or that best game of golf. We are looking for input about life in New Albany, Ohio. Please send your story, don’t worry about the English, who cares, where, the coma, is supposed to go. Don”t let your dash fade away.  

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New Albany High School

For Better or Worse

Almost all of us have been immortalized in a school yearbook photo. This collection of yearbooks and countless images from 1959 to 2009 will takes you back to a time that will never be forgotten. No matter how hard you try.

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