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New Albany Stories

Full Circle

Comic books and drawing ... that’s all I cared about as a kid! Attending New Albany elementary through high school in the 60’s and 70’s was pretty cool, although many times as a boy I felt like the proverbial square peg.
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Growing up in Cedar Brook

I grew up in Cedar Brook until I was 7. I attended NewAlbany Elementary. We only moved away because my dad worked for FBI and was transferred back to Georgia where he and mom grew up. I tell stories of our little town parades where the Brownies marched.
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History of New Albany Football

Did you know that New Albany first fielded a football team in 1930 with 14 students who had never previously played the sport? Learn more in the latest episode of our New Albany history series!
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The Story of Hope and the Post Office

New Albany in the 1830's If you were living in New Albany in the 1830s, your mailing address might have been listed as Hope, Ohio.
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Vietnam War Hero Mike Butsko

Albert Michael Butsko, a 1964 New Albany High School graduate, gave his life for our country in Vietnam on September 10, 1967.
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New Albany Schools

The Early Days “New Albany Schools”

This is what New Albany Elementary (far right), Middle School (now the annex-only old building remaining) and High School (back building, between the track/football field and the baseball field) were like when I started in 1992. It was a special place even then.
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The Old Dairy Cream

The Old Dairy Cream in New Albany My name is Carolyn, and my brother, Benjamin, and I grew up with our parents, Harrison and Leona Drake, on Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road just south of Morse Road.  When Ben and I were kids, the only thing in New Albany that interested us was the Dairy
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New Albany – Small Town Vibes

Alive with Traditions! Nothing has ever given me more of a small-town vibe than Summer of 2018 in New Albany, Ohio. I was inspired to write this #newalbanystories entry after reading the story, by Steve Joseph, about his memories of New Albany Little League in the 70’s. Our family and
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You are cordially invited by the New Albany-Plain Township Historical Society to attend: NEW ALBANY’S WWI CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION AND REMEMBRANCE VETERAN’S DAY NOVEMBER 11, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. (DOORS OPEN AT SIX.) Noah’s Event Center 175 E. Main Street New Albany, Ohio This is a free eve
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10 speed

Every now and again, I look up Eagles Pizza’s website. I miss the pizza and like to look at the photos. But it is not just the pizza photos I like to see, it is all the photos of New Albany I really like to see! I grew up there but have been in Texas since 1984. I worked at Dair
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Events in New Albany Ohio | Summer Movie Series

Summer Movie Series in New Albany Ohio Friday, July 24th: Frozen
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Students get WWII Living History

An American veteran of World War II and a German Jew whom he helped to rescue in Nazi-occupied Holland shared the stage at Granville Middle School (also in New Albany & Johnstown) yesterday to talk about their experiences and to preach the importance of tolerance.
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